12 Month Car Lease Agreement

The duration, an annual lease, an annual lease or a 12-month lease, since it relates to car leasing, refers to the duration of the lease. Most people looking for this term are interested in a shorter-than-normal lease of new cars. Our low-cost service is ideal for businesses that want an automatic rental service tailored to their own needs without complications or confusion. If you have a 12-month car rental agreement, you can save a lot of money compared to our 1-month or 3-month shorter leases. While 36- to 48-month leases are generally more common for vehicle rental contracts, we have seen a huge influx of customers requesting 12-month leases. And we`re not surprised. 12-month leasing agreements are one of our preferred services. The vehicles listed below are based on a 12-month lease, 6-11 rental profile 6 prepaid monthly rents, followed by 11 monthly rents and 10,000 miles per year. Please call us for 24 months` rent. All vehicles and rental values below apply from November 3, 2020. It couldn`t be easier to rent 12 months of renting a car or a utility vehicle with kardi vehicles. All you need to do is browse our wide range of vehicle models. We have a great selection of brand new cars for you, including BMWs, Fords, Lexuses and even Tesla.

Once you have opted for the model you want to rent, you can call us on 01908 618888. 12-month direct leasing prices are not available on our website, as we strive to tailor your offer to the best possible price to offer the absolute best price. This requires a quick call. Don`t worry, the call is non-binding and painless. As soon as we receive your data and arrange an offer, we will let you make your decision. Normally, a 12-month lease would be displayed as 3-11 or 6-11, which means you pay your initial payment of either 3x or 6x of normal monthly payment as the first payment followed by 11 regular payments. For more information, visit our „What is 3-35?“ page. In addition to providing consumer leasing contracts, our long-term and short-term leases also offer the flexibility that many businesses need.

Our contracts allow you to pay for cars to cover the amount of time you need, without ever being tied long term or paying you expensive departure fees. 3 – 24-month leasing really can`t be easier, and it`s a good way to drive a new car at an affordable price and with the flexibility you need. For more information, please email info@selectcarleasing.co.uk or contact one of our leasing advisors on 0118 920 5130. For more than 14 years, Sema Lease UK Ltd has specialized in 12-month rental and offers a low-cost, simple solution for your car needs.