Accc Transfer Agreements

These events are specifically aimed at students with an MPA of at least 2.0 or better who have graduated or who want to complete by the end of fall 2020 and change semesters for spring 2021. Students who expect them to graduate soon should register for their WebAdvisor accounts and apply for a degree (fee). Make sure your address is correct and that your name is correctly written for graduation production. Explore your transfer institution based on the preferred due date of the fafsa submission. 3-1 Pathways Program Students now have the option to transfer up to 90 credits over more than 50 bachelor`s programs to Thomas Edison State University. In the tesU/NJ 3-1 Pathways program, stage 5, the student/applicant is invited to identify himself or herself with the partner institution (Atlantic Cape) to which they are affiliated. Students should be on track to graduate with an associate degree, apply and pay for an end-of-study audit via their WebAdvisor account and request official transcripts (on request and after completing all courses) from the National Student Clearing House. If students are accepted by TESU, they will work with a TESU advisor to select the course work for the additional 30 credits (Post Associates). Atlantic Cape Community College and Rutgers University have a conditional dual admission agreement that allows students with an associate degree in Cape Atlantic to earn a bachelor of science degree from the Rutgers Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy on the New Brunswick campus. These agreements include degrees in health administration, public health, public order, planning and public order, and urban planning and urban planning Future transfer visits can be found through a visit to the college`s calendar of events. Due to the persistence of coronavirus and numerous precautions for the safety and health of our students, transfer sessions for the fall 2020 semester take place virtually and not on campus. Students who attend a dual primary school, training or certain other programs may need a higher MPA for transfer or additional courses to move to these majors.

Save thousands of dollars in tuition, fees and other university fees by purchasing your Atlantic Cape degree, then move on to a four-year school for your bachelor`s degree. Atlantic Cape has transfer contracts with more than 30 colleges and universities across the country. If you don`t see your favorite institution in this list, email Wendy Gray for more information. Atlantic Cape graduates could apply for transfer to institutions across the country. An Atlantic Cape Grad is a way of opportunity! For information or updates regarding a articulation agreement or planning a virtual transfer advisory meeting, please contact Wendy Gray. Atlantic Cape`s CEEB school code is 2024. This is often requested for transfer applications. If you don`t see your desired transfer institution on the list of articulation agreements, that doesn`t mean you can`t ask Dener to transfer to that school. This means that we do not have a formal agreement at this time.