Employment Agreement Lawyer New York

In the business world, it is necessary to deal with all kinds of work-related contracts. Employers and workers must protect their interests when entering into a business relationship agreement. Employment contracts and other related contracts must be developed accurately in order to be implemented. The experienced lawyers at Granovsky-Sundaresh, PLLC, are familiar with the existing laws of the State of New York and the local order and provide employers, workers and independent contractors with competent legal advice to aggressively protect their rights in the development and negotiation of these legal employment instruments. If an employer violates an employment contract, a worker may suffer serious financial harm. A breach of contract can occur by: in New York, the typical employer-employee relationship operates according to the At-Will doctrine. This means that the employer or employee may, at any time, terminate the employment relationship for any reason, with the exception of conduct prohibited by law, such as discrimination. Employment contracts impose this condition of will. They spell out the conditions, the length of the employment, the reasons for the reasoned dismissal and various other provisions. Employment contracts are usually drafted to cover a finite period of time. However, in New York, some cases of expired employment contracts may still be applicable. This is called a tacit renewal. Most of the time, this is the case when the duration of the original agreement is a full year and the employer allows you to continue the performance under the original agreement beyond the expiry date.

An expert employment contract lawyer takes these and other state-specific laws into account when developing your employment contract. If you are considering signing an employment contract, an employment contract or a termination agreement, it is advisable to have it checked first by a lawyer. The lawyers for the employment contract of Risman-Risman, P.C. are competent in the review of all work-related documents. We also offer a free telephone consultation to determine if we can provide you with the help you need to review an agreement on your job. The majority of New York employers hire workers as they see fit, which means that any party can terminate their employment relationship at any time for a legitimate reason. However, some companies require some workers to sign contracts that include certain conditions of the employment relationship, including the rights and obligations of the employer and the worker. If you are hired with an employment contract, you should consider consulting a lawyer to verify or negotiate the agreement for you. Most employment contracts are not negotiated by an employee`s lawyer because they are made up of the company`s standard clauses, which the company is not re-editing.