Ifa Tii Agreement

IfA President Jer Bergin said: „The agreement is an important framework that continues to shape the initial 2001 agreement. It is best to try to reach an agreement outside the arbitration procedure, as it may allow a certain degree of flexibility that the real estate arbitrator may not be able to give in his final order. As part of the agreement, the IFA will encourage full cooperation with TII, local authorities and their representatives in the implementation of the national road programme, in accordance with this agreement. The landowner, after receiving a written notification within the allotted time, will allow early access to the land for location surveys in order to identify and assess possible routes and will cooperate fully with local authorities for this purpose. The agreement continued to mark an initial 2001 agreement between the government of the day and the IFA. The agreement applies to land that is not subject to a building permit or an open-use, commercial, residential, industrial or recreational area. Countries may be subject to a CPO mandate for a number of projects. Irish water may need land for water pipes. EBS networks may need land for a substation (which is separated from an access agreement for cables). Local authorities may require land for housing construction. IDA can look for land for industrial parks. Transport infrastructure Ireland can look for land for the proposed road, tram or metro. As a general rule, the claim is received by your expert/charterer.

If an agreement on compensation is reached, the transfer of the land will take place and compensation will be paid. Jer Bergin, IFA National President, said: „The agreement is an important framework that continues to mark the initial agreement of 2001. Important measures such as fixed payment are restored, albeit at a reduced rate, and the assessment process in which disputes arise will be streamlined. The IFA has also committed that the fixed payment will be retroactive and that all eligible farmers who have not paid the payment will benefit. The agreement does not affect the rights of landowners, IDTs or local authorities. The renewed agreement provides for a fixed payment of EUR 3,000 per hectare to landowners on all land and related land acquired for national road renovation work in accordance with the provisions of the agreement.