Service Agreement Eesti Keeles

Voog is not a part of the customer`s online store and is not responsible for it. The customer is solely responsible for his online shop and compliance with related laws or regulations, including, but not limited to, taxes, fees and legal compliance related to the client`s activities; The provision and provision of goods and services to its end-users; Claims, warranties and after-sales service related to goods and services. The use of websites is subject to these legally binding conditions and constitutes your consent to be bound by these conditions and to act in accordance with these conditions. We reserve the right to change the conditions at any time. Such changes are published on websites and you agree to be bound by such changes. These terms of use (the so-called „agreement“) govern the relationship between the service provider, Edicy LLC, a limited company incorporated under Estonian law, Estonian trade registry number 12176224, Raekoja flats 1, Tartu, 51003, Estonia (hereafter referred to as „Voog“) and the user of the service, namely: They (hereinafter referred to as „customer“), resulting from the provision of services to the customer by Voog. The customer may not offer or sell goods or services considered stolen, fraudulent, offensive or dangerous, or contrary to applicable law. You acknowledge and accept that these conditions, combined with our privacy policy and cookie policy, constitute the full agreement between you and Nordic Honey regarding the use of websites. Nordic Honey holds all copyright for all materials on websites or has the valid right of third parties to use the material on websites. Nordic Honey also owns all trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos and domain names used on or in relation to websites, or has the valid right of third parties to use such materials. Any modification or use of website materials for purposes that are not expressly authorized constitutes a violation of Nordic Honey`s copyright and other property rights. Nordic Honey is not responsible for third-party websites that compete on or from websites.

Nordic Honey does not support these websites or the products or services offered on these sites. Nordic Honey disclaims any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided on such websites and the goods or services provided by these sites. Nordic Honey is not responsible for the content of websites that refer to or from websites. all intellectual property rights of Voog`s content, including all copyrighted documents or other content for which intellectual property rights may be invoked or applied, including works of art, graphics, images, web templates and plugins, literary work, source code and object code, Applications, audio, music, video and other media, designs, animations, interfaces, documentation, Voog services, methods, products, algorithms, data, functions and interactive objects, advertising tools and methods, inventions, trade secrets, logos, domains, trademarks, company names and other intellectual property rights, whether registered and/or regulated, and all their derivative works belong to voog and/or licensed. The customer may not copy, distribute, modify, rent, lend, sell, create or redevelop the source code of the service or other means of extracting the source code from the service or part of it without the corresponding license of the copyright holder. The customer undertakes not to use a brand, service mark, business name, logos, etc., that are not in the customer`s possession or that is granted to the customer in a way that is likely or intentionally to create confusion with the owner or authorized user of these trademarks, names or logos. Please read carefully the following terms of use of your use (including access, navigation and/or use of interactive features) of parts accessible www.nordichoney.com of the Nordic Honey website, as well as any other Nordic Honey websites or websites that are accessible via Nordic Honey or other Nordic Honey host advertising sites or sponsors.