Shared Care Agreements

It has been more than 10 years since the Ministry of Health published the „responsibility to prescribe between hospitals and family doctors.“ Despite efforts to develop and implement common care agreements to facilitate this process, prescribing through the interface remains problematic. Health Economics is a practical analysis of the major economic problems facing the U.S. health care system and the mechanisms in place to address them. NHS GGC clinic staff can email requests related to joint care agreements to the following email address: sharedcareprotocol@ggc.scot.nhs.uk We will also refer people to other ESCA websites that we have known from our homepage to share information. To this end, we look forward to having information on other units or areas that are also developing mtrac@keele.ac.uk agreements. Ketamine for Complex Pain in Palliative Patients Not suitable for primary care prescription MTRAC often recommends prescribing as part of an effective Shared Care Agreement (AER). The Committee has always had a document that presents a minimum set of data that should be available when developing or negotiating a common care agreement. Nevertheless, the Committee realized that the production of ESCA was still very difficult in the region. Starting in April 2001, MTRAC decided to assist in the local development of CSEs by producing models if it recommended that the prescription be made under such an agreement. Shared care resources are available at the National Prescription Centre; Midlands Therapieics Review – Advisory Committee, which concluded 16 Effective Shared Care Agreements for a large number of drugs/indications; UK Medicines Information, which has published numerous joint care protocols/agreements; and Keele School of Pharmacy, which publishes a toolkit for effective shared care agreement „to help health professionals develop their own common care agreements to support locally agreed prescriptions.“ Other researchers have found great skepticism about the application of joint care agreements in practice.2 Negative opinions arising from a lack of knowledge of local availability and failures in implementation and not of the concept itself. After the decline of health authorities, MTRAC must ensure that CSEs are distributed effectively.

Information technology is essential to facilitate awareness and information dissemination and exchange. Shared care requires the agreement of all parties, including the patient. Effective communication and a permanent link between all parties to a joint care agreement are essential. Please note that after discussion with the local medical committee, a new term is used to describe documents containing the treatment of shared care. These are now called Shared Security Agreements (SCAs).