Simple Bank Deposit Agreement

There are no restrictions on the number of transfers you can make from a protected destination account, and transfers between you as a protected target account to your main deposit account are instantaneous. Their savings goal is always an accomplished goal and cannot have financing plans. All other protected objectives may have funding plans that can be stopped at any time. When a protected target is stopped, funds are no longer transferred to the protected target account. If a protected target is no longer stopped, the „Protected Objective“ contribution continues. However, the amount to be paid per day is recalculated to reach the same target amount on the target date. The amount of the recalculated transfer should help you catch up after a break. You can change the target amount or target date at any time. If your safe-to-spend is zero, the protected target is stopped until you add more money to the account to which the protected target is interrupted. The balances of a protected objective account can be collected and/or filled with any other account you have with us, and your protected objective account is subject to the right of compensation under this Agreement. I. Our failure to make transfers: If BBVA USA does not make a transfer on time to or from your account in accordance with our agreement with you, we will reimburse you for any losses or damages you have suffered as a result of our non-compliance under our agreement with you. However, there are a few exceptions for which we are not held responsible, for example.

B: if you do not have money in your account to cover the transfer without our fault, other than the exercise of our right to compensation; If the money in your account is subject to a legal or other charge that limits transfers to or from your account; Whether we have received notification of the parties` rights to the accounts, or to their creditors or representatives, and if BBVA USA has opened the account until the dispute is resolved; If you have not complied with our transfer instructions If we have not received complete, correct and up-to-date instructions so that we can make the desired transfer; If you do not authorize a transfer at the time your payment was received by the recipient until the date it is due, or if you plan a payment based on the due date; If your computer hardware, software or the simple website was not working properly and you were aware of this issue when you tried to authorize a transfer; if we complete the transmission because we have reason to believe that a transaction has not been properly authenticated or that it is fraudulent; where our omission was not intentional and is due to a good faith error, regardless of our procedures to avoid such an error, with the exception of actual damage which, to the extent permitted by law, includes non-indirect, random, consecutive, special, type or punitive damages, including solicitor`s fees and loss of earnings, even if they are informed of the possibility of such harm; or if circumstances beyond our control prevent transmission despite our reasonable precautions.