Subscriber Agreement Form

13.2 Corrective measures. The provisions of this agreement are necessary to protect the activity and value of the parties and are deemed appropriate for this purpose by the parties. The participant agreed that any violation of this agreement may cause Huddle significant and irreparable damage and, therefore, in the event of an infringement, Huddle has, in addition to other remedies that may be available, the right to demand a defined benefit and other appropriate remedies for termination and remedies. In the event that the Subscriber uses the Services or website for commercial purposes in violation of this Agreement, the Subscriber accepts that Huddle is entitled to all revenues collected by the Subscriber of this activity, without prejudice to any other rights or remedies that Huddle may have against the subscriber. 4.5 Services may be provided by our companies or subcontractors related to our discretion, provided that Huddle is responsible for the compliance and enforcement of the agreement by these individuals and that these persons are subject to the same confidentiality rules as in this Agreement. 1.17 Upon written request from the subscriber, Huddle will immediately delete all protected data in print or electronic form or return it to the subscriber, as defined by the subscriber after the completion of the relevant processing services or, if any, as soon as the processing of Huddle-protected data is no longer necessary, huddle will fulfill the obligations arising from this agreement. , and remove existing copies safely (unless data storage is required by current legislation, and if this is huddle will notify the subscriber). 4.3 Mr. Huddle agreed to take economically appropriate measures to ensure the safety of services. If a security error is found, with respect to the Huddle has reason to believe that the security or integrity of the content or account information of the subscriber`s users may be compromised, Huddle will do everything in its power to immediately inform the subscriber of this deficiency and any corrective action proposed by Huddle.

1.6 „intellectual property rights,“ all rights; Titles and interests on and on all copyrights, databases, designs, logos, trademarks, service marks, patents, inventions, trade secrets, domain names, confidential and protected information, know-how, technology, corporate names, business names, business shares, technical solutions, related complaints (past, present and future) and any other intellectual property rights, whether registered or not in common law , recorded or not and any extensions, extensions, continuations, partly fortatoses, divisions, new programs, checks and animations of these and all over the world. 1.7 In the event that Huddle intends to initiate a new third-party subprocessing, Huddle notifies the subscriber of this intention no later than 30 days before the scheduled date and contains in this press release the date on which the third party will be designated a subprocessor (expected date) and the identity information of the intentional third-party subprocesser. , its location and a summary of the processing to be performed by the intentional third-party subprocessor (an „appointment message“).