Telus Agreement Express

You can terminate this contract at any time by telling TELUS when the cancellation should take effect. If you cancel your service or TELUS cancels it for any of the reasons listed below, you remain responsible for all applicable cancellation fees and all amounts attributable to your account up to the service cancellation date. Additional network management methods may apply to Internet Smart Hub Fixed Home customers. For a description of these practices, see www.telus.com/support/article/smart-hub-internet-traffic-management-policy Using the Services, you accept the terms of this Agreement. If you do not agree with these terms of service, you cannot use the services. For the purposes of these terms of service, „You“ refers to the person or company whose name appears on the invoice. These terms of use, including all other documents incorporated, are binding and constitute an agreement between TELUS and you regarding the use of this site. If a portion of the terms of use is found to be null, invalid or unenforceable by a competent court, this finding does not affect the other provisions of those provisions. The parties required that these terms of use and all related documents be written in English. 54. After the agreement expires, your services will continue from month to month until you announce to TELUS that you wish to terminate the service. The applicable terms and conditions, including all rates and fees, apply to your monthly service. 14.

You are not allowed to use an email, web, news or similar server via a service account, unless such use is expressly authorized by your service plan. 41. TELUS does not claim ownership of information, materials, software or other content (together the „contents“) that you send, download, enter, provide, transmit or otherwise transmit through TELUS Or third-party services. However, you accept that, through the post office, loading, introducing, making available, transmitting or other transfer of content to TELUS or a third party, you have given TELUS to use the Services so that ONE free and non-exclusive license for use, To copy, distribute, transmit, display, edit, edit and translate this content, as long as TELUS reasonably requires it to provide services to its customers or to ensure compliance or application of the terms of the All information TELUS stores about you and your service, with your name and address, is confidential. If you do not give your explicit consent or if disclosure is mandatory, your TELUS data should not be passed on to others, unless: 42. You acknowledge that, unless directed otherwise by TELUS, the email addresses, IP addresses and personal addresses that TELUS has assigned to you for the duration of this Agreement will remain the property of TELUS at any time.