Umass Amherst Roommate Agreement

Whether you have one, two or three other roommates and/or companions in a row, you will have a great experience in the residences of UMass Amherst! One of the most important experiences of the time of residents on campus is living with a roommate. All students must sign the Residence Hall contract before applying for an apartment and residing in a dormitory. It is an annual contract, a legally binding contract, which remains in effect for the duration of the stay and involves financial responsibility for the duration of the contract. You can read and sign the contract online on SPIRE. Step 1: Take some time to meet and meet your roommates. Where do they come from? Who is your university leader? Common interests and hobbies? If you both live in a RAP, why did you decide to live there? What do you expect from this experience? Students residing on campus must sign the De Residence Hall contract and submit the residency profile. The contract describes the life obligations of your family and university. The contract is specific and legally binding both financially and legally binding for all your seniority in the residences. It is important to read the treaty carefully before signing and ask for clarification if there is something you do not understand.

The case profile contains the basic information used for the assignment of roommates and is visible during the selection of the online space. 2. Ask your favorite roommate about preferences: Sleep: When are you going to bed? When do you get up? Are you a light or heavy sleeper? What is normal for your roommate if you sleep in the room? What`s wrong? To reflect on your personal needs, we have developed for you and your roommates the following questions: The Chancellor has announced that all students who have booked on campus accommodation for the next semester and for whom space is available are invited to live on campus under severe health constraints. All students who choose to remain on campus must sign the UMass agreement by July 24. Residential Life will notify residents by email if the agreement is available for the signing of SPIRE. If a new student does not sign the UMass contract before July 24, their preferential application will be cancelled and they will not receive a housing contract for the fall of 2020. Some students are interested in finding roommate opportunities for the fall of 2020. Students can create a profile for the Roommate Search in SPIRE in the main>Residential Life menu. As part of The Roommate Search, students answer a full set of questions about themselves and their favorite roommate. After completing the questionnaire, students receive a list of other new students who meet their criteria. They also receive contact information and may discuss their interest in being roommates.

If the two students agree, they may wonder as roommates in the preferential application. Residential Life has a volunteer roommate search option to help new students find roommates. We put the search as a roommate with the popular matching program „e Harmony“, but to find a roommate! It allows students to create an online profile that describes their lifestyle and lifestyle of a privileged roommate.